With the use of bolsters, blankets and other props the body is supported and able to ease where ease may have not been before. The transformative effects of restorative are limitless. The engagement of the relaxation response in the body has been proven to improve blood pressure, sugar levels, insomnia, digestion and many other functions of the body.

Remember to wear loose and comfortable clothes in layers…even socks are expected.

One speciality class per month

*Month purchases can be used from the 1st the last day of the Month.

Learning to soften and heal takes guidance and support. In a private restorative session, one on one support will serve you to move toward healing catered to your needs.

Restorative Teacher Training

A restorative yoga practice cultivates your body’s own ability to promote natural healing through a specific yogic practice of deep relaxation. The restorative yoga postures are employed for certain results and allow the body and mind to the relax and rest deeply, benefitting all the body’s systems. This is an art in yoga. It is nourishing. It is healing. It is explorative and invigorating. It is a wonderful way to balance an active yoga practice, a busy life and the health challenges that come our way.

Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Restorative and Hatha Yoga

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