Thriving through Yoga (Hatha Classes)

All Levels Hatha        No Dog Hatha      Gentle Floor Yoga
Rise and Shine     Gentle Flow Yoga

All Levels Hatha is an all levels group class which incorporates movement, breath and concentration. There is plenty of options for each pose, with the understanding that we are all unique. The poses will be more complex and challenging than a gentle class. Each class will have a unique intent and focus emotionally, energetically and physically.
Mondays 8:15am
Fridays 9:15am
Beyond Yoga Thursdays at 9:30am

Gentle Floor Yoga allows us to breath and to move with awareness. It is a wonderful practice to engage the body and mind together allowing you to feel more connected and at the same time physically open and easeful. It is a favourite practice for sure!
Tuesdays 9:30am

The Mindful Movement practice incorporates subtle movements and breath techniques coupled with mindful awareness. The class is a slow paced and gentle experience allowing space for new perceptions of the self and the reorganization at a physical, mental and emotional level. This embodied practice can be an empowering practice leading the one to experience greater function and potentiality. It is accessible to all. Thursdays at 11:30am

Gentle Flow Class is an all levels class without arm load poses such at down dog and plank. The difficulty levels is yours to choose with lots of different options. here we will employ movements with inner awareness and breath awareness.
Wednesdays 8:15am

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