Forest Bathing

Forest bathing is an immersive experience in nature. It is an easy practice that is healing and lifegiving in the most surprising of ways!

I have found that I feel most vibrant when I am in nature. I am calmer and I feel more alive when I am surrounded by trees, birdsong, the beautiful plants, bubbling creeks and even those crawly things! Those who know me, know that I am thrilled and energized to be outdoors camping, hiking or forest bathing. For me the forest is healing, and it is part of my routine that helps me maintain a feeling of balance.

A student once asked me what I do when camping and I had to think for a minute. I do regular camping things like canoeing and hike but I spend a lot of time in my hammock, I sit and I stand while I rest my eyes on the leaves waving and the many textures, sounds and feelings of everything I can take in. I feel the breeze on my skin and in my hair, I tune into the sounds of the trees, and animals. I am thankful for this time.

I understood this healing and emotionally balancing effect intuitively, however I have now explored the science behind being in nature. The natural oils given off by the trees has a scientifically proven healing effect. Just being in nature mindfully helps reset our natural circadian rhythm. The term that defines taking in all the forest has to offer through our senses is called Forest Bathing or Shinrin yoku in Japanese.

Join me in resetting and recharging. Finding union and balance with the most inner part of your being.

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