Accessible Yoga (Chair Based)

Yoga for all!

This is a 30 minute practice for all ages and stages. The practice is done in a chair where we will have the opportunity to move in a functional pain free way while opening to body toward a greater range movement and strength.

This class is suitable and open to everyone.

  • Fit individuals looking to move differently and where you want learn more about your body.
  • Individuals confined to a chair or wheel chair who would like to explore some accessible breath and movement practices.
  • Individuals recovering from surgery or illness and looking for a form of movement that is paced for their needs.
  • Individuals with neck, shoulder, chest and upper back tension and pain and weakness of any age.
  • Those who are mobile but find it difficult to get to the floor.

Interested but have questions. Contact me at

Classes are held 10:45am Tuesdays and Thursdays


Month Pass Options (HST included)
All class pass: $39.55 CAN (includes all group classes)
Meditation Class pass: $27.02 CAN (includes all group meditation classes)
Accessible Yoga pass: $27.02 CAN (includes all accessible classes)
Evening practice pass(all Nighty night relaxation/Yoga Nidra/Sleep Classes): $16.38 CAN
5 hour class pass: $36.72 CAN (includes 5 hours of classes for the month purchased)


*Month purchases can be used from the 1st the last day of the pass purchased.



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