Life of Fulfillment Series

A Life of Fulfillment Series
 Considering the Four Aims of Life (Purushartha)

The yoga concept of the purusharthas, or the four aims of life is a beautiful framework to help us focus on very specific and important aspects of our lives. Contemplating these aims allow us to move toward fulfilling our deepest desire or purpose. The four pillars are: Dharma (righteous duty), Artha (material requirements, comfort and wealth), Kama (fulfillment of desires and pleasures), and Moksha (liberation and spiritual attainment). The series will explore our relationship with these concepts and through our practice we will ponder a direction that is in harmony with our innermost purpose. 

Take a journey through these aims of life in a total of 6, one hour sessions, where we will explore and apply the four aims to our lived experience. The series will include light accessible movement, contemplation, exercises, journaling, meditation and discussion.  

Dates: coming in January
Day & Time: weekday/evening 1 hour classes
How: virtual with Beyond Yoga
Registration: opening soon

Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Restorative and Hatha Yoga

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